Telephone Spoofing

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Impeachment of Telephone Identity (Spoofing). One of the most commonly used forms of theft is identity theft. This modality implies that another person pretends to be you. Includes a copy of license plates, address of the home, work certificates, university certificates, among others.

In this opportunity we will write about Impeachment of Telephone Identity (Spoofing). This occurs, as its title indicates, when a person making a call intentionally falsifies the information communicated to the caller ID screen to hide or conceal his identity.

Telephone Spoofing – Spam – IsThePhone

The purpose of this impersonation is to find the way to deliver sensitive and valuable information to a scammer, in order to steal your bank accounts, make purchases on the internet, physical purchases and even serve as support to request bank loans.

Recently I was reading about a 67-year-old person, with a house mortgaged 11 times. As you read it, they accepted your house as a pledge to withdraw money and physical objects. However, being an absolute deceit, this old man did not lose his home because he did not even know how to read or write fluently, and the signature used to validate the mortgages was absolutely false.

The most common practice in identity theft is to use the area code of your city to make your call. It is likely that, if we receive a call with a code far from our home and even a strange or private number, we start the conversation with bad expectations and we are always on the defensive.

This behavior is known to scammers, therefore, seek to call from a number that looks like your neighbor, your company or very common in the city.

Telephone Spoofing – Spam – IsThePhone

It has always been recommended not to answer calls from strangers, but sometimes we expect information or our children are out of town and as parents we believe that each call is to inform us something about them. That's why we end up answering them.

However, if you start listening to a computer recording, it is better to hang up the call. If it's a person who is doing it, just answer questions like your first name, but never give out contact information, personal identification and anything related to your credit card.

Never answer sensitive questions or offers. If you receive a call from a representative of a company you know, asking for important information, make sure you are linked to a process, otherwise, answer all your questions with a "I will approach the company to do it personally."

what to do if my number is being duplicated?

The most common signal to know that your number was duplicated is to start receiving calls, messages and even charges on your phone. You should not worry, it is not your fault that you are in this problem, but it is easily solved.

You just have to indicate to those who call you that they are wrong and that if you keep calling, you will take legal action for slander and attempted fraud. In this situation you will not lose money or enter into a legal action, since you are a victim of the process.

If you have some free time, you should go to a nearby judicial station to present your case. This way you will avoid any demand or fiscal problem, because you announced that your number was supplanted.

However, when you were the victim of a mass telephone number spoofing, you should go to your telephone company and ask for a reassignment of number. Unfortunately you will have to inform all the people that now have a new phone number, but it will be better to do it to avoid constant calls and text messages.