Tactics to answer an unwanted call

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Tactics to answer an unwanted call – Spam – IsThePhone

Tactics to answer an unwanted call. We are not protected against unwanted calls so we have all the protections, however, it is less likely that they will call you to offer something if you take precautions. But, I want to explain some tactics to answer an unwanted call and defend yourself from these scam attempts.

Tactic # 1 Complete identification of the person who is calling you. many people identify with a random name like Pablo, Pedro or Marcela. They are common names, but usually they do not mention their last name, where they are calling from and what their function is.

At first, you do not need to ask, but write down the first name they gave you. In the middle of a conversation, tell them to tell you what their full name is, the city they are from and the company they work for. This will make it easier to investigate if this company really exists and if the information is consistent.

Tactic # 2 Ask him to explain more slowly. the scammers do not wake up and think "today I'm going to call Johan to scam him", not my friends, they have a schedule of pending calls to make and they need to quickly evacuate their potential "clients".

Therefore, this takes the operators out of play. I have to ask them to calmly explain the information that they are being given, forcing them to detail each supposed service and for you it will be easier to identify if it is a real service or it is simply an unwanted call.

Serious proposals take time, agents detail the offer and invite you to visit their offices. In these places it becomes easier identify illegal businesses, but experience tells us that there is a minimum risk of being scammed when they comply with all legal documents.

Tactics to answer an unwanted call – Spam – IsThePhone

Tactic # 3 To receive something for free, does not require advance payment. Sometimes I have been called to announce that I have won a prize and the first thing I say is "where did I go to pick it up", if they tell me they send it to my house, well, that's fine, but I give them the address of the office or a public place. Once I remember giving the address of the prison (prison or jail), it was very funny.

Never a company that wants to give you something, will ask you to pay for the shipment. Probably, they send you something against delivery, that is, a large box that you must pay at the time of receiving it. Maybe it is likely to happen, but you will pay the transport company the cash and I doubt that the scammers will try to deceive you so that the money is paid by someone else.

In itself, it is quite complicated to send something to your house charging you money in advance and when you see that they ask you for this, get away a little by hanging the call.

Tactic # 4 Hanging is easy. Many people are shy when talking to others and it is even normal to find in society, people who do favors or lend money without wanting to. But in the world of unwanted calls, nobody watches you.

The best tactic to answer an unwanted call, is hanging it. The important calls of the bank do the lawyers with citations that arrive under the door, so do not worry, something important will come physically. In the end, record the phone as "do not answer" and lock it from the phone settings.