Scams by phone

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Scams by phone. each year, complaints about telephone fraud grow in the different tax authorities of the countries. Generally, they are people of limited resources who found they propose to make easy money and likewise, they propose multilevel business.

Even if it seems impossible for the following to happen, at present the victims by telephone fraud they grow by false illusions, but behind this, there is a complex psychological work.

Scams by phone – Spam – IsThePhone

More classic mode of fraud by telephone

The strategy usually consists in convincing you that, for only a few dollars, the equivalent of buying 3 beers, you will have enough money to buy 5 beers, but also, if you invite someone from your friends and family to participate in the business, those 5 beers can be converted into 10, investing the same dollars.

nothing bad? It is the most used strategy to convince you by telephone that you have found a monetary solution. It is likely that 10 or 20 dollars does not seem like a lot of money, but you should think that these people can cheat up to 1000 people in a month, which account goes up to $ 10,000 or $ 20,000 of income per scam.

This is not to mention the big scammers that have complete offices of people who earn a commission for each possible victim that they can attract to their networks.

The most used and effective methodology to cheat is the pyramid. Try to find hundreds of people who are your direct representatives. At the beginning, let's name it "the company", answer all your referrals.

These referrals of the company receive punctual payments and their own referrals, that is, the third chain (usually friends and family) also receive their share of the profits. But at a certain moment, the company must collect all its money.

Generally they announce with two months that a great offer and many prizes are approaching. But to obtain them you must bring more referrals, more sales, more products or any other activity.

The next, it's a phone call to all your referrals motivating them, then, a call announcing that the prizes that they have obtained will be delayed because they are exhausted. But people do not distrust, they have already been paid before and there are no reasons not to receive that prize.

However, the fraud comes when the corresponding payment of the month does not arrive either. The phones stop answering. They only answer the phones of the first referrals, telling them to keep calm, make payments to the best leaders, in this way they calm the environment to their direct referrals (usually friends and family). But in the end, they disappear from the map.

The company wins because it uses the money in your register to send you the profits and you usually never get to recover your money invested. Perhaps for the first leaders of these advertising campaigns there is some gain, but it does not compare with the rain of demands and complaints that will be received from the people to whom they recommended the system.

Although it seems like a movie story, I'm sure you read it on different television channels every time they denounce or discover these pyramids.

Scams by phone – Spam – IsThePhone

But in IsThePhone we will tell you how to avoid being a victim of scams over the phone. take into account each recommendation, since we are experts in detecting them.

Signs of a scam by phone

The letter from a Nigerian prince, the winner's message for making a purchase in China, the one of a loyal customer who won a trip, all this does not work anymore. People are quotients of this scam method, then, the phone scams have evolved. now it is a complex mechanism of NLP techniques, motivation and psychology.

Calls from experts in personal motivation

The call starts with a person who talks too fast. Use key phrases such as "is the opportunity of your life", "is a preferential client", "many in your city are already with us". Among other phrases of personal motivation.

These phrases what they do is activate inside a mechanism of motivation so that, before the final question, you respond with a yes.

how to avoid falling into this tactic? just ask the person who is calling you to explain the information again. You will notice that it tells you the same thing, which means that you are following a script.

Next, ask him to give his name, company address, company name and how to contact him. The latter is useful to know if you are on any spam list.

Finally, ask him to call you another day. You probably will not do it again, but this information is useful. If you receive the call again, you should know that your phone number is on a list that is probably published by scammers.

The above is to know some data to defend against future scammers. The fastest logical option is to hang up the call.

Scams by phone – Spam – IsThePhone

Awards, chosen customer, purchase 1 million and other offers by phone

Apparently we are not able to win a community raffle or guess the result of a sports game, but if we are the chosen customers, who opens a website and is the visitor 1 million, who buys a product of 10 dollars and therefore they will give you 5000 reward.

Although it seems a joke, these are many of the excuses used by people who perform scams by phone.

I do not want the following to offend you, but the people who fall into this type of scams are those of low level of study or unsuspecting who believe in free things. For a company it is impossible to give him $ 5,000 for a purchase of a $ 10 product, and to do so, why ask him to send them $ 100 to claim the prize, if they will give him $ 5,000?

These types of signals should warn you that it is a scam. how to avoid falling into this tactic? If it really is a prize, ask them to send the prize to the logistics company and you will go to claim it personally.

Additionally, ask them to give you the guide number, tracking or registration id. This is a number that logistics or shipping companies deliver to their customers to know where their package is at each moment. Probably not delivered, since it has all the data of the sender.

Finally, the classic advice. Do not receive raffle prizes where you do not participate, do not receive prizes for products that I do not buy, always answer that you are not interested in the product and end the call.

If you remember participating in that game, buying that product or a prize, you would know that it is because these companies need to be transparent with the other participants, so they will ask you to visit your company, your shopping center or another scenario . Never send money to claim a prize.

Scams by phone – Spam – IsThePhone

Companies dedicated to fraud by phone

This point will summarize our entire article. Companies monitor their activities on the Internet, their tastes in products, city, family and friends.

When calling it, they have sensitive information and convince them that they are a legal company, otherwise how would they obtain your data? It is the trust they seek.

Is fraud mode by phone use name of recognized companies, use people with a delicate, serious and convincing voice. Also, your favorite phrases are: Do you trust us? Do you want us to send someone to talk to you personally? And they use affirmations of type "it is a low risk investment and high performance", "it does not require advance payment".

Finally, they convince you to enter your business with very low budget and everything that I have told you at the beginning of this article will happen.

Phone scams will not cease to exist. Year after year they will look for ways to reach more people, looking for them to deliver their credit card information, sensitive information and even telephone extortion.

Take into account our advice andvite being a victim of scams over the phone.