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If the concept of Robocall has not been clear, in this article we will answer most of the questions that come to us through social networks. This practice of unwanted calls has increased with new technologies, however, telephone companies and government agencies are trying to block and end this practice.

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What is an automatic call or robocall?

It's a call made with a conversation or pre-recorded information, by a robot. This robot takes your phone number and makes a call. When answering, give the corresponding information.

Are all automatic calls or robocalls illegal?

No, some are even legal. When you receive a call from a local foundation asking for donations or delivering information, they probably met the legal requirements and the call has the necessary permissions.

In times of elections, calls by politicians are also allowed. If you gave your consent at some point to a company or advertising campaign, you can also receive a call without prior notice.

A robocall is illegal when it does not meet any of the above conditions or are for the purpose of selling something unsolicited. It is important that in any case you do not give your card information of credit or personal sensitive information.

Only informative pre-recorded messages are allowed. the messages with fiscal and legal information for pending debts or ongoing processes, are common and legally accepted at present.

Why the increase in robocall?

It is an economical way to advertise and, in addition, to sell a product. Hiring a person, paying telephone equipment, training it in sales and the whole system to sell a product is expensive.

40 seconds of telephone costs only cents, in addition, you can make hundreds of telephone numbers in a single day, something that human work can not do so easily.

What should I do if I get a "robocall"?

Hang up the phone, it's the easiest way to end the problem. Next, make a record of the phone number and file a report for telephone spam. If a large group of people perform the same action, this number will be blocked by spam.

What should I do if my number is hijacked or duplicated?

If you receive constant calls from annoying people or asking for a product, it is likely that your number is duplicated or replaced. As this activity is illegal, you must make the respective report to the authorities and then contact your telephone company to carry out the due process of protection. You can read more in the following topic: