Reverse telephone search

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Reverse telephone search. Whether you just finished a pre-recorded call, talked to a person and / or have a missed call from an unknown number, you probably want to know the source of this number. This practice is known as reverse phone search and just try that, find out who has called me.

Reverse telephone search – Spam – IsThePhone

With the new business directories, social networks and information services, the numbers of companies and businesses became absolutely public, therefore, it is easy to find them on the internet.

But if it is a call with the intention of a scam, will I find that number? It is likely that yes. There are specialized sites like ours to give information about the numbers that frequently perform spam calls

This list has grown with the help of the community in general. People who asked the same question and others have answered the questions. Usually a strange call ends up identified in our lists.

There are famous companies dedicated to these registries as Intelius or Spokeo, which update their databases to new telephone records.

What can I get from a reverse phone search?

Everything will depend on the amount of information that the databases have. If it is a company making a scam, you will usually only find complaints and comments warning of the danger.

However, if it is a small, medium or large company you will find the legal name of the company, its social networks, address of correspondence, legal address, name of the legal representative, email among other public data.

Is it legal to do a reverse phone search?

Yes, but with restrictions. If the information was given by the owner of the number to the databases or is public information, it is legal to consult it. Even in countries like Colombia, you can go to the chambers of commerce and ask for information on a specific number, they will give you all the above mentioned and even their legal status.

Now, if you receive a download of sensitive information such as bank accounts, credit cards, personal address of a legal company, conversations or behavior of the owner, you may incur a crime for information traffic or theft of personal data, therefore, It is important that you verify the sources that give you the information.

What to do if my number appears cloned?

Spoofing is common these days. However, it is an illegal activity. What you should do is search for information and confirm if there are records of your phone number. Subsequently, notify the corresponding authorities about the current situation and take corrective action. You can read more about Spoofing here:

How to do a reverse phone search?

The easiest way comes through Google. This search engine stores information on billions of pages, therefore, if someone ever wrote or asked about a particular phone number, they saved the record.

Just look for the phone number in the Google search box. Later, the web pages that spoke about that phone number will appear.

Likewise, you are likely to find a community talking about that particular number. Common comments are from people who received the same phone number call and how they blocked this number.

Reverse telephone search – Spam – IsThePhone

Now, if it is a legal number and it is registered in a web page or telephone directory, the search result will appear. Example: you receive a call from the "Johan's Pizza with coal", offering you a promotion. You enter the phone number in Google and just appear much information about the pizzeria, then this call is reliable.

However, whether you use Google or a service committed to this type of records, there is always a possibility of risk and fraud. Thus, never deliver sensitive data by telephone.

What is a reverse phone search?

I left the answer to the end, I'm sure you know the answer. It is simply a search made to find the corresponding information of a telephone number from which you wish to know its origin.

What, I recommend in these cases, is not to lie in the information that you deliver. If the call was really with intention to spam, report it as such. If it's a business of someone you do not like, do not report your number as spam or fraud. This diverts information and even you can be sued for false information and slander.

do you have more questions? what is a reverse phone search? how to find a person's name using their phone? We want to know what you think and suggestions to improve our information.