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Report phone calls. i have been asked recently about Reporting or not reporting phone calls? For my concept, reporting fraud attempts is as sensible as possible, in addition, a legal and moral obligation.

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Perhaps you are a cautious reader and you are constantly reading how to prevent telephone spam, but think for a moment about that population over 50 years old who know little about this theft technique and are frequently scammed.

The best way to report it is to go to the judicial authority and file a report for scam. The investigating body will classify it as an attempted fraud and although the process will take some time to clear up, you will leave the telephone number, the probable name of the person who attended you and the modality they used with you.

This allows the researcher mark a behavior of the swindler. Do not expect many results, really these individuals use many telephone numbers and different names, perhaps up to several modalities. But the researcher will set up a voice recognition profile, from which the call originated, among other data.

It is normal to read news about "They fall fraudsters who used calls with false promotions" and then you read the research and find out that it took them 2 or 3 years to learn them. Then you ask yourself the reason for the delay in doing so, because that little complaint that you made was filed and associated with them and when they are caught the prosecutor has the necessary evidence to send them for a long period to prison.

In addition, they dismantle a whole band and not the small pieces that make it up. Although you do not believe it, every complaint counts. Logically in this article we teach you how prevent falling into these scams over the phone, but if you help with a complaint, it will be better for the system.

Now, remember that scammers have improved their scam techniques. Therefore, you must be aware of every suspicious detail when you receive unwanted offers. Become a person completely prevented and help others to become whistleblowers and not remain as victimizers.

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