How to stop automatic calls?

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How to stop automatic calls? We continue to inform you about unwanted calls and spam text messages. Today we will try to give you some basic tips for learn to stop automatic calls.

An automatic call, with exceptions, are illegal. Exceptions include a code that must be sent by phone (when you create a mail Gmail call you to give you the code), a bank advertisement (days of default, next payment) and even academic information (in my university they called us to inform us about payment dates, enrollment, etc.).

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However, automatic calls are illegal when they offer you a service or when a charge is generated for some reason. The illegal automated calls (robocalls, in English) are prohibited in many countries and in the USA. UU is the main complaint made to the Ffederal Communications Commission, followed by the identity theft.

This commission, whose acronym is FCC, has invested millions of dollars in resources to improve its technology and detect the source of these calls in order to proceed to the court case. In addition, they use locks against calls from other countries identified as false or fraudulent.

Likewise, his main work in this field is to create a system of authentication of calls, so that a company can make calls to its customers without there being a leak of information.

If you use mobile devices you can use the applications to block calls identified as dangerous or fraudulent.

If you receive an automatic call, that is, a voice recording, cut the call immediately.

If the person making a call is asking you to press keys on your phone, hang up immediately.

If the questions are not clear and only require that you respond with a "yes or no", it is probably the principle to cheat.

Do not receive legal advice over the phone. If the call is about your telephone company or bank, hang up the call immediately, then make the call to your bank and ask for it. They will usually tell you that they were not the ones calling.

If the speed is what characterizes the person who is calling, ask them to speak more slowly, if they keep talking fast, hang up the call immediately.

Check if there are call blocking services in your country such as Robinson List or other data protection systems. In the USA UU Exists National Do Not Call Registry

Take into account our tips for unwanted calls.