How to avoid telephone spam?

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How to avoid telephone spam? in the last 20 years, telephone marketing has improved its strategy to convince potential customers to acquire their product. Companies use from operators sitting in their office, to automatic messages that include a call with a recorded voice message or a text message.

While these operators are doing their job, it is annoying for users to answer calls that they have not even requested or unrelated products. Generally, they are services of banks where we are not clients, of products that we do not use or life insurance with charges to the credit card.

How to avoid telephone spam? – Spam – IsThePhone

But how to avoid telephone spam? today I will give you some tips to protect you from spam.

# 1 Install antispam applications on your phone

There are several databases fed with experiences of the community when receiving unwanted telephone calls. These people report the numbers and the applications add it to their database to filter the calls.

Although it is true that the numbers that are created to call you are daily, you will avoid that a large part of the system will track your phone and start your advertising campaign.

Truecaller is one of the applications most used worldwide. It is available to be installed on your smartphone and also has a large community that feeds its records daily with new experiences.

You only have to grant use permissions on the cell phone and that's it. Its function is simple. Every time they try to call you from these numbers, the application will warn you that it is spam. In this way he will not answer, and the best will block it.

# 2 Take protection and privacy actions

We generally report much more than we are entitled to. In any place we are leaving our phone number, on the internet we register and it is the first thing we add, then in surveys in the street, in shopping centers and other public places.

So, will not I give my phone number to anyone? It's not about that. Prevention is always giving our phone to companies of quality and tradition. Of which there are no known problem due to information leakage.

If you are a frequent user of the internet and like to register in many places, use an alternative telephone number, in this way you will know that any call to that phone will be advertising or spam campaigns.

An additional piece of information is about the sale of dual-chip equipment. This sale has increased in recent years and not just because of technology, on the contrary, because of the need to control our privacy. In some parts it is known as mobiles with SIM, Dual SIM Card or Dual SIM.

how does it work? It's simple. The device notifies which line the message or call is entering. If it is your "public" line, you can decide whether or not to answer. This practice is used by executives and entrepreneurs who separate their private lives from work, but who want to carry everything in one smartphone.

How to avoid telephone spam? – Spam – IsThePhone

# 3 Blocking phone numbers manually

This is an activity that requires a little more work. Simply by receiving a call that is not pleasant to you or that is only spam, you can block the phone number. What the system or the person will hear when they contact you again, is that the smartphone is turned off.

Logically, not all the time we are receiving suspicious calls. You can check here if it's a phone reported as spam. Our database is updated daily with new reports.

In general, to block a phone number you must enter the contacts section and then in the contact setting look for the block option. In many phones it is found as "call divert". We will explain this process in a future article with more details.

It is not difficult to block these numbers, but remember that if you are on a list of "potential customers" you should prepare to receive various calls from different companies.

How to avoid telephone spam? – Spam – IsThePhone

# 4 Avoid giving your number in social networks

We know that now Facebook, Instagram and Twitter require the registration of the telephone number to secure our account. This is one of the most controversial points in the social network. The question is the same as always violation of privacy or data protection?

It's time to remember the case of Google+ or Google Plus. This was Google's social network, a community sharing service that included social circles, private circles, publishing groups, closed groups among other functions. The best thing was that it was integrated with all your services, so you had your email Gmail, drive and spreadsheets, while listening to YouTube.

For me, a user of this service was perfect. All integrated. The problem was that his social network was used by very few people, which was not profitable for many years, but why close it now? Well, they knew that the data of just over 52.5 million people were exposed.

It is not a joke. 52.5 million sensitive data leaked to the Internet giant (names, emails, telephones) and this caused the company to deactivate this service completely. While Google announced that the data was not vulnerable, it is clear that it was a fairly large privacy risk.

but what does it help me to know this story to avoid phone spam? undoubtedly to show you that even being the safest companies in the world, the information is not entirely safe.

How to avoid telephone spam? – Spam – IsThePhone

# 5 Avoid giving permissions to unknown applications

This is my final advice to answer the question of the day how to avoid telephone spam? And applications are our main enemy.

Now, it's not about never again installing an application in our smartphone or cell phone. On the contrary, keep in mind the following:

· Do not enter your phone number in an application that you know for the first time

· Read comments from other users about the application. Google does not allow you to delete them, therefore, you can trust that the community's experience on that application will help you.

· I distrust the applications that ask them to access your contacts, messaging and making phone calls. with just approving the application, the system automatically removes the security controls against that application and your phone is at risk.

· Do not install new applications. If you do not have reviews, or ratings and are from unknown sources, avoid problems, do not install until other users tell their experience.

Instagram is one of the applications that most request access to contacts, gallery and files. however, it is a recognized company and you can be sure that your number, for the time being, will be in a safe place.

Follow these 5 tips for avoid phone spam. Do not miss our next update and we hope we have solved your doubt about how to avoid telephone spam? And as a summary, we see that the biggest culprits in phone spam, we are.