How to avoid being cataloged as SPAM?

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How to avoid being cataloged as SPAM? At present, telephone companies, contact applications and other messaging channels are taking spam very seriously.

Users are annoyed that their phones receive messages or unwanted calls, but, above all, that these messages are from their most used applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram.

How to avoid being cataloged as SPAM? – Spam – IsThePhone

However, the day comes when these applications can be cataloged as a spam phone and unknowingly do the actions that bother people the most. In this article I will show you how to avoid being cataloged as SPAM? and the common mistakes we make.

Error # 1 Cataloged as spam when sending only links.

Suppose you are talking to a person you just met and tell them to send you an important web link. He gives you his phone number, you add it and the first thing you do is send that link or URL.

Although he is waiting for that link, the application does not read minds (for now) and considers that you randomly selected a phone number and will send him a link that will be annoying to the recipient, which contains false or harmful information.

The best way to send a link to a person for the first time is to start a small conversation and wait for him to respond. When responding, the application takes into account that it is a minor risk and, above all, if after sending the link, they continue to write via text.

Error # 2 Cataloged as spam when sending only files

It is a little more than the previous situation, only that in this case they are files. PDFs and office files are not considered risky, but if you send a .rar or .exe executable, you will be marked as a possible message of fraud or spam. The system will block you directly.

To avoid this, use services such as Dropbox, Drive or other messaging delivery.

Error # 3 Send bulk messages

There are many applications that allow to send massive messages. You will ask yourself Why do they allow it if it is illegal? Because it is supposed to be for proper use and not to spam.

If you use it constantly, you get answers from people, you write with them periodically among other normal activities, you will not be cataloged as spam.

Error # 4 Use automatic bulk calling programs

At present the call centers are responsible for sending our advertising campaigns. If you want to save money, look for a good offer of calls, but do not buy programs that do this work automatically.

Users will track your number and report it through spam. If you use a phone at random there will be no major problem, but if it is your business phone, you can be very bad at the legal and marketing level.

These 4 errors are the most frequented by people who without wanting to spam, end up falling into it. For avoid being cataloged as spam do not make these mistakes, always ask for permission before making a call or sending a text message.