General tips to avoid falling into a Spam call

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General tips to avoid falling into a Spam call. I have been asked about the behaviors to have at the time of receiving a spam call. We really do not have to be aggressive via telephone, but it does not mean that we have to answer a call until the end.

We have given many tips and tactics for unwanted calls, but if it is a "legal" product or one that interests you, you may want to listen to the entire conversation and they will be available to give it to you.

General tips to avoid falling into a Spam call – Spam – IsThePhone

Therefore, do not give in to the pressure to make a decision that you really do not want, that is, even if the service is the latest in offers, if you do not need it and they also ask for sensitive information, then do not take and hang up the phone.

Do not communicate or give the information of your credit card numbers, bank account, mail data, passwords or sensitive data. Do not fall into the trap of "let's check these data" From this we explain in this article.

Never give money to receive something in return, nor pay advances or compensation bonuses. This is a fake, they only look for money and to be very little, the people ending, paying and finally receive nothing.

If it is a purchase made over the internet and you receive a call about the product, tell them to send the bill for payment first via email. If the invoice arrives, will have a code, NIT or business identification, which and depending on the country, you can identify it on the internet and verify that the company is registered and offers the same services you wish to acquire.

Donations are frequent to receive them via telephone. Local foundations are accustomed to calling the inhabitants of the city to ask for help. If you wish to donate, receive all the necessary information to understand what the foundation is about. Ask them for the data of the place and go to the site to verify that everything is legal, likewise, always make the donation in physical and never deliver the data of your card.

Some scams by phones they do not charge you the money via credit card. They are more astute, they send someone to their house to withdraw the money. This is more dangerous, because apart from the fact that they may have tried to cheat, they will have the address of where you live and may end up in a robbery to the apartment or flat. Never ask that the money be claimed at home.

Although in the past we said that there was the possibility of receiving a package and that we have to pay for that service, make sure it is only the payment to the company that transports it.

Never pay for a subscription, do not pay for something that you have not verified exists. The classic phrase in these cases is "you already received our prize that we sent you" and you will respond with a "no and I do not want to receive it".

In general, I distrusted any unwanted or unsolicited call. a person will never take the trouble to call you to provide you with information if you do not intend to make money with this.