Frauds by cell phone

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Frauds by cell phone. we continue to inform you of the main reason why there is spam or unwanted calls, logically, easy money is the main motivation. Today I want to comment on the cell phone frauds and what are the most used tactics.

In the past they sent letters to your home, then the calls became the most effective way to do it; Currently, and with cheap telephone plans, a scammer can have more than 30,000 minutes available to call you at low costs.

Frauds by cell phone – Spam – IsThePhone

Now the letters are text messages with camouflaged links. The worst, besides trying to scam, fill your mobile device with viruses and you must make a reconfiguration to leave them as new.

But getting into the subject, the big question is what are the common frauds by cell phone?

6 common scams by cell phone

Although what you will read below may seem incredible and unreliable, believe us that there are many victims a year that fall into these small, but effective cheating to swindle it. Reading them all will help you to be cautious, but do not hesitate to share with your friends to be informed.

Travel packages

There are the reasons for unwanted calls what bothers me the most There are two common modalities, discounts and low-cost travel. Do not think they are the same, I explain the reason.

In the discounts, they look for charges to your card. It really is a service offered and made to appear before the law that they are not scams. They tell you that if you accept this discount you must pay for 3 years a monthly fee charged to your credit card.

This fee will give you benefits for life. Discounts on hotels, discounts on restaurants, trips in that city and even benefits as a VIP client. It does not sound bad, right? The problem is that they are only in cities that until the moment of that call you did not know.

Remember that my phone is in many places to be tracked by scammers and call me on purpose to know their tactics. Recently they called me to offer me a discount in a city in Colombia. They used what I mentioned earlier, and when they tell me the name of the city immediately look in Google map where it was.

It turned out to be a very small town, nothing touristy and quite difficult to reach. But the name of the hotel did exist and they even have a website on the internet. That made me think that it really is a mounted network to cheat.

If you accept a package of these, you can not report them because it is a service they are offering you. So you will be scammed with a service you will never use.

Travel at low cost is a little more of the same. Simply that in the end, those supposed trips, end up being a fraud. The day of the longed for trip you meet a group of people who were scammed and a transport that never arrived, in this way, the scammer has time to leave the city or delete all their data.

Frauds by cell phone – Spam – IsThePhone

Credits and loans

It seems that scam artists get an odor when we are most in need of money, it has happened to me once and it was an incredible offer. I canceled the debt in the bank, which had an interest of 2.1% and they had to pay the new debt at only 0.9%

Since I am an expert in scam detection, I needed to know the explanation and it was really convincing. They said that if he owed $ 5,000 with the interest he would end up paying $ 8500, but if they paid the debt they would pay only $ 5500 and that was equivalent to 0.9%. Saving 2000 dollars on a single call was tentative for anyone.

Then I proceeded to ask them what I had to do. They asked me for a list of scanned and signed documents by email. Nothing sensitive, no deeds, no mortgages or anything. Only the legal document, work letter, some samples of payments made, etc.

And prepare me for the scam. they explained to me that the mail would send a payment code. That code had to go to the bank and consign to an account using that code, only 20 dollars. The code was unique and non-transferable and it was life insurance in case something happened to me, they did not lose the "5500 dollars" they invested.

Also, this was not done on the same day, it was a call 3 days after an alleged study of the documents I had previously sent. All with professionalism.

I looked for a friend who is an expert in editing, I went to the bank, I brought a strip or proof of payment, we filled it out and we made a unique bank code with its own value. I sent them to you via email.

The next day they called me, they told me that the payment of my debt was already in progress. That in 8 days would have via email the fee to pay them, the days and everything related.

Logically the debt was never paid, the mail never answered and the phone did not receive incoming calls. It was a well elaborated scam, I only cost a beer that I gave to my friend for falsifying the bank receipt, but the experience I have told so many times that I feel calm that many are cautious before any phone call.

Business opportunities to invest

In this the scammers are experts in convincing techniques. It requires a lot of cunning to offer a business via internet and for experts in telephone fraud like me, it is difficult for us to detect them.

The reason is that they use companies that exist and deliver data that can be easily verified. In the end you do not know if it is true that they are calling you for a business opportunity or it is a scam more.

But let's get into the matter, the most frequent case is the pyramid business, we explain it in this article with more details, but it's about investing very little money and getting big profits.

We will talk about this modality in a next article with more details.

Frauds by cell phone – Spam – IsThePhone

Charitable causes by cell phone

This modality of telephone fraud is really cruel, since they use what is happening now to get to you and the worst, when you do not agree, they make you feel bad as a person.

But do not worry, I'll explain what it is. You receive a call in order to offer you a monthly subscription at very low cost to help a charitable cause. They use phrases like "you'll invest in helping someone the same as it costs to drink three beers," which bothers me because I love beer.

Then they use phrases like "you can help those children" and "your help can change the world". It is not wrong to collaborate with charitable causes, but I am sure that in your city there are foundations to help from humans to animals, if you want to donate something, get close to them and give them a little time and money, they will thank you.

The problem of doing it via telephone it is impossible to know how they will invest their money. Generally these charitable causes are telephone frauds and we never know where the foundation is or what children will help with that money. The worst, sometimes not even from my own country and insurance in your country if there are people who need it.

Do not let yourself be convinced of these helps, if you want to donate something, doing it in person is the best thing. Now, if you subscribed to a page and asked to be called, make sure you send data via email and the way to pay is only through the internet with all the security keys, because you should never give your credit card information by telephone.

Local or international lotteries by cell phone

We all like to bet money in the lottery on certain occasions. But, generally, the number we choose is for the same day or a close date. I comment that there are fraud networks by phone they call you to say you've won money by lotteries you've never played.

I will not expand on this point. Any easy money that arrives has a hidden fraud, in addition, if you have not bought a lottery, it is impossible for you to win something. Now, if they call you to offer it to you, do not deliver any payment information via telephone.

Since the scammer can convince you to buy a lottery in 2 USD, but if you give him the data of your card he will try to charge you up to 2000 USD to make it a successful robbery. It is not very common, since people are very cautious in this system, but it can happen nowadays.

Insurance by cell phone

We have talked about this before, but we will create an article dedicated to insurance by phone. It is a very common mode of telephone fraud and people end up buying insurance that they do not need and even that they are fraud.

An acquaintance of the family acquired auto insurance with a company that the bank recommended. Being a recommendation, what could go wrong? Well, everything.

5 months passed and this person crashed into another car on a national road. The accident was slight, with no injuries. But when I called insurance to be part of this process, he found the surprise that they covered absolutely nothing. That is, in the small print of something he never read (because I buy it by phone) they did not tell him that he did not cover shocks or injuries, just minor damages and only in the city or urban area.

He immediately withdrew from this insurance and there was no way to sue them or ask for their money back. the reason? I bought it from a legal company, but the phone conversation was so quick and convincing, that it did not give him time to ask about the most important things about car insurance.

The same applies to travel, health and education insurance. If you need insurance, get close to a certified insurer, they will give you a contract for you to read, and if you are calm with the conditions, you must go through a lengthy process to be insured. In addition, the payment fees are not low, but paying it in this way, will make you feel truly safe.

The agencies use this method because it is legal, but it is a fraud because it tries to convince you of something that will not really work for you when you need it.

Well, we have reached end of 6 frauds by cell phone. I warned you from the beginning that these stories seemed impossible to believe, but you can take the time to investigate and you will find that they are the most used modalities of scams by telephone at present.

For this, it is better to avoid unwanted calls and warn others of this kind of telephone spam.