Can they spy on a phone call?

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Can they spy on a phone call? if I have even, it is legal. A judicial authority can spy on your phone calls if they are directly and indirectly involved in a judicial process. We have known cases of neighbors who were tapped when there was a dangerous person in the neighborhood. This, in order to look for possible accomplices.

Can they spy on a phone call? – Spam – IsThePhone

Remember that it is probable that you will not be notified, unless through the call a direct relationship with the case is verified, therefore, do not expect to find out until the last moment of an intervention of your telephone line.

But how far is it allowed to intervene or spy on my calls? The answer varies according to the legislation of the country, but in general, there must be an ongoing investigation for the telephone line to be intervened.

To make me understand, I will explain it with an example. If you have a close friend who is involved in a crime, the prosecutor will initiate a formal investigation and must ask internally for permission to intervene all calls. The illegal starts, when a person who wants to do some type of damage intervenes your phone without there being an ongoing legal process.

This is illegal, since they violate your right to privacy. we have even read about cases where illegal calls were made and tests, very good proofs, were not taken into account precisely because there was no permission to collect them, that is, if he confessed 6 robberies while it was illegal to intervene his phone and a theft After it is legal to intervene your phone, you can only be accused of a theft.

Although you read this as a movie story, it is a reality. Investigations and telephone interventions can only be executed if there is a court order. Private detectives intervene phones to collect information, but they use it to guide their internal investigations, but they can not use it against you as evidence.

So can they spy on a phone call? Yes, but with restrictions.