Can a company use my personal data?

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Can a company use my personal data? This question has recently come to us about the distribution of personal data. Although there are different data protection laws, and depends on the country where you are, the information that we will provide below is part of the European recommendation for the treatment of personal data.

Can a company use my personal data? – Spam – IsThePhone

Beginning lesson, can a company use my personal data? Yes, but with restrictions. A company has the right to ask for your information to control the service that is being offered to you, the product warranty, follow-up of this, among other administrative matters.

Even, when delivering your phone number you can allow them to make calls for control of the product or service, and also, receive new offers and promotions if you wish.

Being the unique telephone number, and in many countries non-transferable, companies can use it as a code for their clients. Even in many retail companies, do not ask for the ID, social security or civil document, simply demand the phone number to create you as a single client.

Up to this point the phone is administrative and locally, but where does the illegal start? The answer, when you share your information

If the company that writes down your telephone number shares your information, with other companies, about the products you took, how much money you invested, day of purchase among other data; violates the law on data protection.

In many countries it is even required that when entering a place that has security cameras and recording, there must be a sign at the entrance of the place that indicates it. That's why we see type signs "You are being recorded and monitored" However, these recordings can only be used for security issues that influence that company or that the law demands.

Can a company use my personal data? – Spam – IsThePhone

So much so that, if someone confesses a crime in front of one of these cameras, the security personnel can not go to the police to report it, because the law does not estimate it and it is without their consent. But, if a crime occurred outside of a place with security cameras, and the police or prosecutor needs the videos of the cameras, if you are forced to deliver them and, in addition, what appears in the images is authentic probative material.

Then, a company can not use your telephone and personal data for anything that is not internal work and even without your consent.

An example of this is the famous invoices with small letters. If you have noticed that the invoice says "for your purchase you accept the terms and conditions" there must be a giant and visible sign in the company where you announce those terms and conditions.

If not, you can sign without problems that, in the event of a conflict, you can indicate that you never saw where those terms and conditions were.

The reason is simple, A company can use my personal data as far as the law allows and the rights are not violated. But signing something that indicates that you authorize certain behavior, without knowing the purpose of it, is even worse.

As well as not being a clear process, it is included in fraud and deception. The law can take legal action against companies filtering personal information, however simple it may be, that is, even if its name, you must have your consent that will be distributed to a certain number of people.

If you have understood our article about can a company use my personal data? And you understand the legal problem that this includes, you will understand why companies such as Facebook and Google have been involved in judicial problems due to information leaks.

Even one of the largest adult content companies was sued for leaking e-mails and possible credit card theft.

Personal data is protected by law. Your peace of mind is a right granted by the political constitution of your country. In addition, with your complete personal data is 70% of what is necessary to make a theft, a scam and even an identity spoofing.